Top 10 Tips and Tricks to Being a Successful Blogger

Our first post and featured blogger for this week is 11 years old. Nicknamed “Kricket”, he is currently based out of North America and writes a blog for on a regular basis.

We thank our young and dynamic Kricket for taking time out from his busy school schedule to write our first blog post.


If you have seen my blog before, then you might know I have been waiting for today to do a Top Ten article about Bolivia. Instead, I was approached by to do a guest blog post. So today I give you:Top 10 Tips and Tricks to Being a Successful Blogger

#1 Proper Grammar

Proper grammar and spelling is also very much needed thing in the blogging community. If you’re going around everywhere with misspelled words then you won’t be taken seriously. My recommendation is to have an editor like I do. Believe it or not, I misspell words ALL THE TIME because I’m eleven, so I have an editor who corrects any spelling errors. The editor also adds links and fancy stuff. Now, if you DON’T have an editor, then I recommend that once you have finished writing your blog, you check for spelling mistakes. You might be amazed at the amount you find.

#2 Brainstorming

Brainstorming is very important to do. Before you go and just start a blog you need to brainstorm what your blog will be about or what type of blog you plan to have. If you don’t do this, then you most likely you will end up writing something at the last minute and chances are it won’t be that interesting. So make sure to always think in advance.

#3 A Master Plan

Usually after you have brainstormed you need to figure out what topics you will write about, and when. For this you want to keep a calendar or agenda that stores the dates you will be posting about certain topics. That’s what I do. In January I had planned to write a Top Ten article today and I wrote that on my calendar. If you don’t do this you might get stuck thinking “What should I post today? The fact ofthe week? Or an article on Bolivia’s wacky wildlife?”, and again you get stuck doing the blog at the last minute.

#4 An Attention-Grabbing Title

Most people click on something because its title sounds interesting. What you want is a title that will grab the eye of a person and make them want to click on it. I mean what is more eye grabbing? This: “Bolivian Tribes”, or this: “Did You Know that There are Over 30 Different Tribes in Bolivia?!” You see what I mean?

#5 One or More High-Quality Photos

Now quickly think about how many times you have clicked on a picture that looked cool. For example, you’re just playing Mario Brothers and you a see an awesome picture of a motorcycle racing game. You would click it, wouldn’t you? Now think about how many times you just read some plain old words and clicked on them. Not often, huh? Another example: “The Bolivia for Kids Blog”. This title doesn’t exactly grab your eye now does it. But once you see my gorgeous picture next, you’ll click on it, right?

#6 Choosing Which Voice You Will Use as You Write

Now this depends on what type of boss you have. In my case my boss simply edits my blog and she allows me to speak in my own words. But what if you’re in a fancy pants blogging job where you’re being paid by a big fancy pants company? You wouldn’t be writing in the first person and say “This place is so awesome! I want to visit it.” No. You would say, “This place is a great tourist attraction to visit!”

#7 Verifying Facts

When you are researching for your blog you could do that by visiting certain websites, right? Well, what happens if they get their facts wrong? Then you get your facts wrong, and everyone who reads your blog gets their facts wrong. So what do you do? You make sure the facts are correct before you publish your blog. How? By making sure you use more than one source to collect information.

#8 More Than one Source of information

You never want to rely on only one website or one book, or one person for information. You always want to use more than one because you never know who is right and who is wrong. For example: you could be looking up information about a flamingo on some website that thinks brown bears are pink with feathers. Verify if this is true or not by checking what others have learned about flamingos.

#9 Call to Action

Whenever you finish a blog you want to end with a call to action because you don’t just want people to read your blog and leave, you want them to interact with you. This is usually something like a question. Like the questions I always ask you when I end my blog for kids, for example. This will get people commenting with their answers and such. This is how you will know that people are seeing what you write. Speaking of which:

#10 Making Sure Your Blog Gets Seen

Let’s say you have followed all of these steps and have a great blog all about an AWESOME topic with pictures and links and calls to action and all that fancy stuff. Then why aren’t you getting any comments? What is the point of doing all this work to make an awesome blog if nobody will see it? This is because you haven’t advertised it, for example, like companies for fruit snacks do. They create commercials for their products. What you can do is post about your blog on Twitter and Facebook and all of your social media and stuff, or even pay to get an ad on someone else’s website. Now people will start finding it.So I hope you learned something about writing a blog today. I will be back on my Bolivia for Kids blog next Wednesday and I will see you there. By the way, No.

#9 says you should have a call to action at the end of each blog post, right? So I should ask you a question I guess. What tips would you have for someone starting out with a blog? Why?

I would like to thank for featuring me today and I would like to thank you all for reading. Bye!


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